Sunday, August 21, 2016

Very Nice Day

Peyton and John invited us to go with them to De Leon Springs but the only bad part was that we had to be at their house at 7 am.  Ugh!!!!

This is the old sugar mill which they have turned into a restaurant but only for breakfast.  You would not believe the line of cars waiting to get into this.  The attraction is their pancakes.  All you can eat and you make them yourselves on grilles in the middle of the table.

They are soooo good.  The batter comes out of the container very, very lumpy but there are no lumps in the pancakes after you make them.  That one stumps the cook in me because I can't figure out how they do this.
 There is swimming, canoeing, snorkeling and all kinds of fun water stuff to do but as always...this is Florida.

Watch where you tread.

A pretty little waterfall.  I only stuck my toes in the water but let me tell you, it was freezing since it's fed by a spring.  Water is very clear and inviting but not for this old lady.   I'll stick to dry land and keep my butt dry thank you very much.

No trip is complete without a picture of Little John waiting for his pancakes.  I think he ate more than I did.  I swear that child has hollow legs.

Hope you have a Blessed Sunday,

Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Project & a beautiful smile

I want to keep busy and the mono colored design I'm working on was starting to get to me.  I love mono designs but this one the color is a little drab so I thought I'd start a new Brenda Gervais design called Forget Me Not.  It's a very simple design that can be made into a pillow or framed and it has 5 buttons that I'm going to go looking for some antique ones.  I have some Mother of Pearl but I don't think they'd look right.

This bag I saw on Pinterest and thought I'd try making one.  It's for carrying a small knitting or crocheting project.  You loop the handle over your arm and keep the yarn in the bag.  Everything stays neat and clean and it's very handy for doctor appointments when you're waiting for DH to get done.  I do that alot so I can see this being used quite a bit.  I'm thinking of making another one but a tiny bit bigger.  We'll see.

How's this for a happy baby!  This was this past Wednesday when Peyton comes down to do my cleaning and I enjoy Little John.  He's such a pleasure to be around and always makes me feel good.

I placed two new patterns in the store if you're interested.  One is a BBD pattern and the other one is a With Thy Needle & Thread one.  

Enjoy your weekend!
Blessings, Barbara

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Keeping myself busy.....

....and it helps me keep my sanity.  I've tried to come to terms with my brother's death and am having trouble with it.  I guess we look at our siblings as someone who will always be there no matter what and when you lose one, it knocks you off your feet.  I'll be okay but I guess it will take awhile.

Meanwhile I've been doing some finishing and I came up with this little winter pillow.  It's a JBW design that works up very quickly if you're interested in doing it.  I stitched mine on a piece of medium blue 20 count linen over 1 thread because I wanted it small.

I machine embroidered the Let It Snow on a coordinating piece of blue print cotton and added lace to the snowflake.

I doubt if we'll get any snow here in Florida this winter  but I can always hope.

The next picture is of an angel I purchased last year at a Hallmark store here in town.  I loved it the moment I saw it but can you figure out what is wrong with it?

The angel is holding two needles in her hand but the snowflakes are crocheted which you do with a hook.  It reminds me of that toilet tissue commercial that was on years ago where the old ladies are sitting around quilting toilet paper.  Only thing wrong is that they showed the ladies holding two needles and that's not the way you quilt.  These guys should really be asking some needleworkers if there are any mistakes before they produce these items.  I love her anyway...mistakes and all.

I also have a terrible memory.  I purchased a pattern at my LNS last week only to find out I already had it.

So this one above is in my store along with the snowflake one so if you're interested they are under the sales tab.

Hope everyone has cooler temperatures to deal with this week and you get alot of stitching done.

Blessings, Barbara

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I want to thank everyone who has offered prayers and best wishes for my brother and our family.  Richard passed away early this morning peacefully in his sleep.  He leaves behind a wife, son and grandson.  May he sleep with the angels.

Blessings To All, Barbara

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Asking for Prayers Please

I received some bad news today and I'm asking for Prayers for my Brother, Richard.  He's had COPD for years now and this is the 3rd time he's developed pneumonia.  After much testing, they have discovered that he has no lung tissue left and that he's also developed cancer.  He has smoked since he was about 16 years old and it's finally caught up with him.  My oldest brother called today to let me know that Hospice has been called in and that they give him days.  It breaks my heart that I cannot be with him at this time, but with DH not being able to hear, I just can't be away from the house overnight.  If anything happened to DH, I'd never forgive myself.
So please pray for an easy passing and that God wraps him in his arms gently.

Blessings, Barbara

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

It's Perfect

and weighs a ton!!!!  Today Peyton and I went to pick up her wedding gown and it fits perfectly.  She just must not gain one pound before the wedding.  Since her fiance has no idea about my blog, I feel safe posting a picture of it here.  All she needs now is shoes and the veil and she'll be ready to walk down the aisle.  

Now I have to find a dress and I hate shopping for dresses.  Wish me luck.

Blessings, Barbara

Saturday, August 6, 2016


First off, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday with loved ones and family.  I have a sweet friend in Ohio, Rhonda who needed a pillow for a friend's daughter.  She sent me the pattern and it was a fun stitch.  It's of a East Indian elephant and she wants the pillow finished in that way.  I'm on the hunt for the right fabric to set off the design.

I had a brain spasm when I posted that I had finished Sunbird and wasn't sure how to finish it.  I received an email from a sweet lady who pointed me to different of them being mounted on a black piece of wood.  I really must stop and think more before I post because I had the original mounting wood that Threadwork Primitives had made especially for this design.  

For around the outside I used BBD chenille trim and I made a twisted braid out of it.  I'm thinking it's a little too heavy for the design but it's too late now.  

I have also posted three cross stitch patterns in my store if anyone is interested.  Sunbird by Threadwork Primitives...... Wedding Ring Row by Lone Elm Designs.....and The Weaver's Work by With Thy Needle and Thread.  Just email me if your interested in any of them.

The Weaver's Work is the design I'm just starting with the linen and silk the designer called for.

I love doing mono colored designs.

Also for those that are curious.....the toilet was a success!!!!!  LOL

Enjoy your weekend,
Blessings, Barbara

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A sunny hot day in Florida (again)

Who's ready for winter?  I AM!!!!!  I swear the older I get the more the heat bothers me.  I must tell you about what happened to me about 2 weeks ago.  I was in the bathroom and I reached over to flush the toilet (more than you needed to know, right?) and I have (had) a basket of pretty smelling soaps in a basket on the back of said toilet.  My arm knocks the basket and down goes a full cake of soap which of course is not going to make it down the drain.  We've been waiting now for 2 weeks for this soap to dissolve and then it dawns on me......this is French milled soap which is harder than a rock and dissolves very slowly.  So guess what we will be doing guess correctly, trying to unplug toilet.  Could you ask for anything more fun to do on a Sunday afternoon!!!  

In between the soap and teaching Peyton the basics of quilting, I've finished "Sunbird".  I'm not sure yet what I'm going to make him into or maybe just frame him.  Suggestions would be appreciated.  The stitching area is about 5 x 5 inches.

I've also been doing some machine embroidery and I found the cutest little bear that is an "in the hoop" design.  What that means is the entire piece is sewn together by the machine in a hoop and you mostly don't have to do anything.  I hope Little John likes it.  I made it out of flannel so it will nice a soft for him to cuddle.

Also I was doing some cleaning in my sewing room and I found some quilting, crochet and sewing books that someone out there might be interested in.  You'll find them on the page titled "Stitching Items for Sale".  They are all reasonably priced because I want them gone to a new happy home.

I had Vallie in for her monthly grooming and a different girl did it this time and I'm really upset about what she did.  She actually clipped Vallie's ears very short so if you look at her full face, she looks like she has no ears.  Poor baby is embarrassed to go outside and I can't say I blame her.  You know how you feel when you get a bad haircut......crummy!

That's all for today.  Stay cool and have a wonderful Sunday
Blessings, Barbara

Monday, July 25, 2016

Two finishes

Okay the question for today is.....whoever enjoys doing laundry stand up.  Well I see no one standing so there's my answer.  I've always done laundry on Monday and it's just a grand way to start out the week.  What I did do during the first load is finish the shawl for my friend in Pa.

I hope she likes it!  I'm not going to mail it out until some cooler weather has hit the north because I want to make her a cowl also.

I actually did the finishing work on a project I stitched months ago.  I do like how it turned out.  I stitched this on 32ct. China White Jobelan with silks.

This was a free SAL provided by Jardin Prive and it's still available if you are interested in stitching it.  It's a fun stitch and I highly recommend it. 

Well back to the good old laundry.  Wouldn't it be grand if clothing was disposable and you just got new ones and didn't have to wash them!!!.....oh and they're free.  I'm gain!

Ya'll have a great week and hopefully someone  somewhere is having some cooler temps.

Blessings, Barbara

Friday, July 22, 2016

Some new goodies and a new start

First off I want to say Thank You for the nice comments I received about my Three Gables.  I really did enjoy stitching that and hopefully by now Joyce has received the pattern and the threads I mailed to her.  
I've started something new and it's a Threadwork Primitive design called "Sunbird".  I'm stitching this on a 32ct. hand dyed with silks.

I'm also working on a shawl for a friend in Pa.  She wanted something "happy" and machine washable.  I chose Isaac Mizrahr's Premier in a pretty pink color.                              

I also was somewhat of a bad girl when it came to purchasing yarn this past week.  Here's what I bought:

The one in the front with the purples and blues is an Araucania Huasco DK weight of 100% Merino Wool.  The pink and green one is a hand dyed by one of my favorite dyers on Etsy....JulieSpins....and it's 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon and last but not least is the purple and green one in the back.  That also is an Araucania Huasco DK weight of 100% Merino.  I really don't need anymore yarn but the colors just pull me to them.  

Peyton and I went shopping on Wednesday for a dress for their engagement portrait and I think she chose a beautiful lace dress in navy blue with a tan underlining.  

I hope all you ladies have a wonderful weekend and hopefully not so hot weather.  We are going out to dinner tonite with John, Peyton and Little John so that makes my weekend right there.  We're going to Kobe' DH favorite restaurant.

Blessings To All, Barbara