Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring is here

Spring has come to Florida.  The flowers are starting to bloom and I'm in the mood to do an Easter design.  I started "Happy Easter" designed by From The Heart and it's turning out just too cute.  I love working on "Snow Days" by The Drawn Thread but with that being a dark fabric, it's going to be a year long project.  Here's my little plum bunny so far:
I had this piece of bright pink fabric in my 32ct. box and I have no idea why or when I purchased it.  I figured this was a good time to get some use out of it.  I plan on a little pin pillow for in my "Spring Bowl".
The wedding is this Thursday so I decided to treat myself to having my nails done today.  Don't look at the wrinkles.....just the nails.  You can see the arthritis without me having to tell you about it.  

Hope you all had a Blessed Sunday,

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A finish, a new start and a surprise

I hope all you ladies had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  I had a nice surprise from Little John.  I came home to find two red roses and a little box of chocolates....he knows his Mamaw loves her chocolate.

My new start is the new design by The Drawn Thread "Snow Day's".  Appropriate for Florida right?  LOL.  It's to be done on Stoney Point linen but I had a piece of 29ct. Glenshee linen that I purchased from Maureen years ago.  This is one that she dyed with natural plants and it's a beautiful dark teal.
I'm using a mixture of silks for the stitching.

.....and my finish is the little cameo pillow.  I finished the edges with a grey heavy quilting thread and did an X stitch around the outside.  It's quite little but I like it.

I'm off to start dinner.  

Blessings, Barbara

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I am sooooo mad

We had an appointment with the Pulmonary doctor for 2:15 today.  We get to his office only to find out that they will have to reschedule the appointment because the doctor had been overbooked.  I told the receptionist that this was my husband's post operative appointment and that it was very important.  She told me that she didn't see anything that made his appointment very important and that he should come back on April 3rd at 3:00.  

I have had it with doctors.  The health system in this country has gotten so bad I don't think they'll ever be able to fix it.  My husband goes in for a surgery and comes out with an infection that requires him to take antibiotics for the remainder of his life and the doctor that sent him to the hospital, can't take time to see him.  I give up.

Hope your day is going better.

Some finishing work

I hope everybody's Tuesday is going fine so far.  Hubby has an appointment at the Pulmonary Doctor this afternoon.  Let's hope everything goes okay in that direction.

I finally put together the ring pillow for Peyton and John's wedding.  Her colors are dark purple and light green.  I couldn't find the right shade of green ribbon so I used white to hold the rings on.  You probably can't see it in the picture, but on opposite sides of the pillow top are their initials.  This picture shows it before it was stuffed.

Then I was up at my LNS this past Saturday and a lady there wanted me to come up with something that would hold all of her stitching items.  This is what I did:

It has plenty of pockets for whatnots and even a pincushion.  It folds up to be about 4 x 10.5 inches and closes with a pretty silver button.  She wanted the word "Gadgets" added to it.  I hope this is what she had in mind.

Now for the cameo that I'm working to make it look primitive.

I'm stitching it on Tin Roof with black Splendor Silk.  It's going to be made into a pincushion with bead work around the edges.  I'm going to use a combination of flat black and flat grey beads.  I'll post a picture when finished.  By the way, I love this Tin Roof color....very primitive.

Blessings For The Week, Barbara

Friday, February 10, 2017

A New Finish

I usually don't post at night so I'm just going to say....."Hope you all had a wonderful friday".  I have a new finish to show you and when I purchased this I wasn't quite sure why I did.  Now I's a fun stitch.  It worked up pretty fast and the other day Peyton and I went to Old Time Pottery and I found a nice white frame for it.  While I was at it, I picked up a black one too.  If you need some square frames about 6" square, they have them in different colors for $2.99 and what I needed was a shadow box frame that was deep because of the buttons.  
  Here is Thomasina....

Thomasina?  Remember the Disney movie?  One of my favorites as a child.

I thought I would share a picture of my beautiful grand daughter Peyton and myself at her bridal shower.  We had such fun and it's hard to believe that the wedding will be in 13 days.  

Well that's all for now.  I started the cameo that is being changed in to a primitive state.  So far so good.  Talk soon....
Blessings, Barbara

Sunday, February 5, 2017

New start and a shower

Today John's sisters had Peyton's bridal shower and it was fun.  I was one of the fortunate ladies to be dressed in a toilet paper wedding gown.   I will not show a picture of this display because you'd all die laughing.  The story behind my dress was that I was a pirate's take it from there.  LOL

I did start a new project yesterday.  I was up at my LNS and saw a couple of cuties that just had to come home with me.  The one I started is called Val's Blooming Kitty by Just Another Button Co and so far is a really fun stitch.  You do it on a piece of printed perforated paper.  I have no idea what I will do with it ...... I'll think about that later.

Then I  bought an Abby Rose Design called  A Spring Pin Pillow.  This looks like a fun stitch with lots of finishing possibilities.

.....and my love of cameos persuaded me to buy this next design.  I want to change it from the standard blue and white and make it look primitive.  Not sure how yet, but it will be done.

I'm still plucking away on the Scarlet House design but the brown bag was beginning to get to me.....hence the new start with some bright colors.

Hubby is hanging in there.  We have 2 doctor appointments this week.....Infectious Disease and the Cardiologist.  Let's hope for some good news soon because he's beginning to get very discouraged.

Hope everyone has an excellent week filled with Blessings,

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trying to keep busy

I saw this recipe on Facebook and I thought it looked delicious.  I'll let you watch video and then I'll tell you my quest.

What of instead of using the buns for the top and bottom crust, you instead made individual little pies.  I'm going to use pie filling instead of granny apples and we'll see what happens.  I'll take pictures and let you know how they turn out.
I've also been slowly working on my Patriotic Scissor Pocket by Sampler House.  I didn't take it to the hospital when DH was in and by the time I got home at night, I was exhausted and didn't feel like working on anything.  So I'm back working on it and here's what I have so far:

Poor Vallie missed her Daddy so much and she's finally getting back to normal.

Have all of you heard about the Linens & Threads Mystery Sampler SAL that is being featured on Facebook?  It's a public group and all you do is hit the "join" button and you get to see other's work.  The pattern is free and you get a new segment every month.  I have the first segment saved but I want to finish what I'm working on before I start it.  Here's the LINK if you are interested.  It's a beautiful sampler which could be stitched in many different ways.  It's definitely worth taking a look.

That's all for now.  Coming up to the time for hubby's nighttime infusion.  

Blessings, Barbara

Reba McEntire - Back To God

This is just too powerful not to share.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

He's home but not sure it was worth it

I was finally allowed to bring my DH home yesterday afternoon.  You can't believe what this hospital has done to this man.  
First off you must remember that he takes a drug called Cimzia for his auto immune disease called Crohns.  He must take this  once every two weeks to keep the inflammation down to a controllable level in his body.
Now with that being said, the hospital has given him an infection that they cannot find the source of in his body.  It's in his blood stream so about the only way this could of been given to him is a dirty needle or by blood transfusion of which he had 3.  He must be on 2 different kinds of intravenous antibiotics that he receives 2 times a day until February 28th.  After that he will be on pill form for the rest of his life.
Now because of the properties of the Cimzia and that it will nullify the antibiotics that are being given to him, he cannot take that any longer.  We must go to his gastrologist  and find out if there is a different drug to control the Crohn's disease that will not interfere with the antibiotics.  If there isn't, the hospital has essentially killed him because the Crohn's is what has caused most of the damage to his body.......lost of hearing, anuryisms, etc.  
He is so depressed and so am I.  What turned into a simple procedure and good news that he didn't have to go thru radiation and chemo has turned into a nightmare.  He has already told me that he will never have another operation for as long as he's alive.  I cannot blame him.  Needless to say, we will be contacting a lawyer because this must not happen to anyone else.  We pay hundreds of dollars every month for insurance and this is what it comes to.  
One thing I want to point out.  Not once in all the time he was going thru this in the hospital did anyone say they were sorry or any such thing.  I think that is what has made me the maddest.   The Bible says you must forgive but I'm having a hard time with this one.

Blessings, Barbara